Thursday, July 14, 2011

Post Shower Drip second release; c30

I have just finished the second cassette recording by Post Shower Drip, my bedroom recording project. Hand-made, dubbed in real-time on Type II cassettes; color copied image on card stock paper and paper insert.

PSD ii- "White People" / "Boys and Girls Farm" c-29

A: "White People" (approximately 14:40)
    - Lazy Language / Sloppy Diction
    - Necropolice: (Golf Course)
    - Interlude : Cease-Fire
    - Sycamore Deadroutes (M. Bolan)
    - Fuzzy Exit (Safe Ride Home)

B: "Boys and Girls Farm" (approximately 14:00)
     - Untitled I
     - Untitled II
     - Untitled III
     - Untitled IV
     - Untitled V

Side A: Recorded 3/11 - 5/11 in New Brunswick, NJ and 5/11 - 6/11 in Philadelphia, PA
Side B: Recorded 6/11 - 7/11 in Philadelphia, PA

(Album cover and insert to be added when I can borrow someone's scanner.)