Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Music Show

Photo taken by my brother Chris / Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn 2/21/12

PSD performs live
@ Random Tea Room
North 4th St, Philadelphia btw Brown and Frankford
Friday, March 16th

.......further info later

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

E - A - B - / A - F#m - C-B - E

You can search the city alone
Go and get it, that road
If you don't, just go to where I roam

You can search the city alone
Go and find your road
If you can't, just come to where I call home

Because nothing can change my ways 

You can search the city on high
But if you're there, know why
And if it's dark, just find where there is light

And nothing can change our ways
And nothing can make me wait
Because nothing will wait for you
So bring it too

Monday, February 6, 2012

Improvisational Jams with Robert J. Haskell

Mixed-media artist and Maine transplant Robert Haskell and I did some late night bedroom jams last week. He utilized manipulated field recordings of various Philadelphia street buskers (among other city sounds, etc); I used my Casiotone MT-68, Sinewave generator, Hardwire looping pedal and various delay and octave effects.

All of these pieces were written as they were played and recorded. You can check them out here:

Some of these may end up as part of a soundtrack for one of Roberts upcoming short films. Track four features famous documentary film-maker Michael Moore, so glad he was around to help out.

I'll be posting more tunes soon. Be well.